1. Why do I work with the Lincoln and Mexico Project?

I work with LAMP for the essential reason that I believe history needs to be told as it happened. The book "Abraham Lincoln and Mexico" has received rave reviews and is being supported by Universities, Business Leaders, Dignitaries etc. Abraham Lincoln's and Benito Juarez friendship is undeniable. This part of history can change attitudes in today's political woes and challenges.

2. Who am I doing it for? I do it for the younger generations so they may be able to embrace this part of history, help make positive changes and start getting involved.

3. As a LAMP Public Relations and News Media Representative how do I add value to the Project? I add value to the project by working hard knocking on doors and doing my storytelling. I tell people why they need to read the book and why it needs to be embraced. Dr. Hogan's work is to be admired and for this, I work on setting joint presentations for him.

So if you are an individual that loves history and would love to partake in this project please reach out to us and we would love to chat with you further in how you can join the team! The project takes a creative spin based on your own personal gifts and talents. It also opens doors to new opportunities and new relationships.

If you are a professional organization, the Lincoln and Mexico Project is arranging presentations by Dr. Hogan about Lincoln's legacy of support for Mexico. If you would like Dr.Hogan to speak in your area, please let us know, we would love to be part of your events and celebrations!

Thank you,
Cindy A. Medina
Public Relations and News Media