Cindy A. Medina is a native El Pasoan. She is proud graduate of El Paso High School '93 , UTEP, NMSU and the University of Phoenix-Santa Teresa Campus in New Mexico. She splits her time between Austin and El Paso, Texas. She is a Professional Genealogist, New Spain/Mexico Historical Researcher, Independent Scholar, Blogger on FB for Embajadores de la Genealogia Mexicana & Genealogy512Chick, Public Relations and News Media Representative for the Lincoln and Mexico Project-LAMP. In support for the book ABRAHAM LINCOLN AND MEXICO written by Dr. Michael Hogan released Fall 2016.  Blog---> & Amazon---> Cindy is the author of IDG’s-In-depth Genealogist upcoming monthly column, "From Maize to Mestizo". You can learn about her and follow her on Facebook When she's not researching, she knits and blogs about it


Our mission at "Embajadores de la Genealogia Mexicana" is to influence, educate and network with genealogists and historians from all around the world. May we continue to grow as a network and be encouraging to one another.

***"Unidos en conservar nuestra herencia Hispana es nuestro objetivo" ~EMBAJADORES DE LA GENEALOGIA MEXICANA

Our Mexican Genealogy & History Page is for all who love this hobby and/or do it professionally. 

***"Educating the mind w/o educating the ♥ is no education all" ~Aristotle

***"Educar la mente sin educar el ♥ no es educacion en absoluto" ~Aristoteles 

Mexicans share the same ancestors, history and values as early as Spanish Colonial times, "New Spain". The objective is to unite and connect Mexican, Mexican-American, people with Latin/Hispanic roots around the globe and other great people regardless of ethnic origin with a deep passion for Mexican Genealogy & Mexican History (professionals and enthusiasts alike). To share history, genealogy brickwalls, research accomplishments small or big for the importance of cultivating, motivating, supporting one another and help preserve our culture and pride. Most importantly, to interact in a brotherhood and sisterhood network.


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Genealogia Mexicana

About Me

Hi! My name is Cindy Medina. I'm happy to be exercising vocally my ♥ for Genealogy & History. Looking forward to staying connected with all fellow genealogists and historians (professional & enthusiasts alike).

I came to ♡ Mexican Heritage Genealogy as I researched my own family. I thoroughly work on my personal genealogical &  historical research and have many projects I plan to fulfill by 2018.

I was born in El Paso, Texas, grew up in 2 states (TX & NM) and 2 countries. Fully bilingual & fully immersed into both my American & Mexican cultures. One of my maternal lineages worked for the Alton RR during the booming railroad times of the 1900's. My great-grandfather, James, immigrated to Alton, Illinois. where my grandfather & all his siblings were born. One of my paternal lineages were Spanish settlers/pioneers of the Northern Frontier of Colonial New Spain & have been in North America since Colonial times, "New Spain"=Mexico/Chihuahua as early as 1750 perhaps earlier (still researching). I dearly hold a marriage certificate that belonged to my 6th great-grandparents (Roberta Baylon & Jose Gutierrez) married in 1793 in the city of Chihuahua. From that point on many intermarried with the Native Americans of the northern frontier of "New Spain" as their birth, marriage & death certificates state "mestizos"=of mixed heritage.

On social media, I blog about "anything" genealogy & history on my Twitter & FB accounts. As genealogists & historians, we should be open to learn and teach others about what enlightens us and that can be many topics at ♥.

I give genealogy instruction to beginning genealogy enthusiasts. Mexican Genealogy is my forte, especially Mexican-American genealogy down to our ancestor's place of origin of Colonial New Spain/Mexico). Southwest History of Northern MX & U.S. is one of my passionate topics. "New Spain" has so much enriching Native American & Spanish history, which created a blend of a new culture="Mexicans" a.k.a. Mestizos (mixed heritage) for the past 500 yrs. My lineages originate from  1) Nombre de Dios, San Buenaventura, Ocampo, Parral, Coyame, Ciudad Juarez (Chihuahua) 2) Gomez Palacios (Durango) 3) Fresnillo (Zacatecas)  4) Celaya (Guanajuato) 5) El Oro & Toluca (Estado de Mexico) 6) Parras de la Fuente (Coahuila) 7) Aguascalientes

Mexicans have a shared affinity and DNA with Americans of Irish, English and German descent as early as the 1800's. As well with the French during France's colonization of the Americas and Maximilian's Reign in 1864 who became the new emperor of Mexico. The Lebanese and other ethnic groups also make part of our lovely cultural mosaic of people of Mexican descent:)